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Tabletop games with model soldiers.

The Essex Home Guard


The Essex Home Guard are a small band of wargamers who meet up on a semi-regular basis to fight tabletop battles with toy soldiers. The figures are usually but not exclusively 25-30mm in size and the periods of interest span from the Bronze Age to the 20th Century.



Historical Periods Played

Just to say "all of them" might be accurate but wouldn't be greatly informative.  I have tried to divide all of history into the seperate chunks of it where we have a gaming interest, but inevitably there will be some overlaps. (And probably some periods left out - just deal with it, okay!)

Bronze Age

Greek, Macedonian and Punic Wars

End of the Roman Empire/ Arthurian

The Crusades

Late Medieval

The English Civil War

League of Augsburg / Marlburian / Great Northern War 

The Seven Years War / 18th C. India

The Napoleonic Wars

Victoriana (historical & steam SF)

Between the Wars, Back of Beyond & VBCW