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A Pyrrhic victory

Posted by nick on March 17, 2014 at 6:25 AM

Tasked with fighting a rearguard action while the main body escaped, the Carthaginians occupied a flat area of land with impossible terrain anchoring both left & right flanks. The Carthaginians right wing contained 4 units of Gauls & 2 units of javelinmen. These faced a Pyrrhic phalanx 4 units wide & backed up by 2 units in phalanx. The Punic centre was led by a mercenary Greek phalanx, 2 units strong. The Sacred band followed in support. These brave souls prepared to take on the frightening sight of Pyrrhic elephants, trumpeting loudly as they showed their eagerness to charge into battle. Supporting the elephants were a variety of peltasts & psiloi. Left Centre was held by more Gauls & 2 units of Spanish foot. The Punic left flank was held by 3 units of horse, including Numidians.  These faced 3 Greek cavalry units.

Opening movement saw a general advance by both sides. The most aggressive move was by a unit of Greek Tarentines which moved rapidly up on the Punic Numidians - a move they regretted & which ultimately led to their annihilation

With the centre & right now in close proximityto the enemy, the Punic allied Gauls now checked for proximity to fearsome opponents (phalanx & elephants). The Gauls did not like this & anumber withdrew in disorder. The Greek phalanx advanced steadily & the Carthaginians again checked their morale (drew another COURAGE card). More Gauls routed or ran back in disorder. The Greek phalanx advanced, the Elephants advanced. The Greek mercenaries withdrew. The battle was lost!

As a consolation, the Punics Spanish allies chopped up some Pyrrhic Peltasts

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Reply Adam
3:03 PM on March 17, 2014 
I think the "Sacred Band" were in fact just low class militia. Does this come under the same category as every piece of WW2 German armour being identified as a Tiger tank? :)