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Hi Jim,

I had a look at the Cartouche army lists after our chat. My Austrians are not that far off the PK list, although we always use those lists as just a guide anyway.

Based on an army of 20 units (makes the percentages easy) I am aiming for:

50% infantry - 10 units:

6 x line (have 5 painted)

1 x grenadiers (have 2 painted)

1 x Allied (have none finished)

2 x Grenzers (have 3 painted)

30% cavalry - 6 units

2 x Cuirassiers (have 2 painted)

2 x dragoons (have 1 painted)

1 x hussars (have 1 painted)

1 x Horse Grenadiers (have 1 painted)

20% artillery - 4 batteries

2 x Heavy guns (have 2 painted)

1 x medium guns (have 1 painted) 

1 x howitzers (have 1 painted)

So all I need is 1 x line foot unit, 1 x Allied foot unit and 1 x Dragoon unit (arguably another hussar unit too.) I have all the figures already, plus another possible 4 or 5 allied foot battalions. So almost there for my basic army and already with additional specialist troops available. Bet I finish my 20 units before you have 20 Russian.. :)

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based on 20 units

50% infantry - 10 units

8 x line (have 8 painted but not based, plus extra inf.)

2 x Grenadiers (have a collection of naff painted, unbased, probably amounting to two units.)

30% Cavalry - 6 units

2 x cuirassiers (have one primed, unbased.)

1 x Dragoons

2 x Hussars ( have two units, one primed one bare metal)

2 x Cossacks (have one unit bare metal)

1 x Horse grenadiers (have painted figures with les unknown quantity 19 iirc = just over two units, unbased paint work touched up etc etc.)

20% Artillery - 4 batteries

1 x Heavy

2 x Medium (have one primed)

1 x Howitzers

so in figures im not that far off myself

im going to buy front rank arty crew and foundry guns (cost) and eagle cavalry.

im actually aiming at 16x inf 4x gren 3x cuir 1x drag 2x huss 2x Coss 1x horsegren 2x hvy art 4x med art 2x how 1x horse art

38 units :) plus extra's, maybe ...


gits, the lot of you :P

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You should do some Observation Corps for thevariety and so that you do not have to fight on level terms numerically.  Maybe also optimise towards infantry as your cavalry and guns aren't anything special. (I am going to beat you to 38 units, including my French army, as well  though:D)

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im currently getting inf at £16.50 a pop (unit, 12 fully painted mins.)

observe corps maybe later not like inf units cant stand in for them anyway.


gits, the lot of you :P

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