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Essex libraries have provided another 2 osprey rulesets.

Tomorrows war are SF rules. They come as a 240 page hardback book. No decent index & printed with colored type on a coloured  background rendering them difficult to read. I gave up even though the rules seem very comprehensive.

Field of Glory is the second ruleset for Ancient & Medieval wargames.. 172 pages plus quick reference sheets.No index but logically laid out & lots of explanations & clear diagrams. You need a lot of dice.

Still don`t like them . I have not seen anything that says they are better than the old WRG rules which they resemble. (Plenty of people would disagree with me on that.

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Field of Glory is IIRC a Warhammer Ancients "successor."  (Which would explain the buckets of dice approach.) Apart from "Sharpe's Practice" have there been any recent Napoleonic sets of rules that have cauight anyone's attention?

There is a Yahoo Group for the playtesting of the Osprey set for 18th C.

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Agree with Adam RE FoG.

Only newish Nap rules that I've any knowledge of is Barry's set - Republic to Empire - I think you've at least had sight of all the other sets that I possess.

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Sam Mustafa publishes a series of games - Napoleonic era is grande armee & lasalle?. I have a slight acquaintance with Maurice which are his 18C rules. A cut down version of these is available as a free download - Maurice lite.

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