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Had a good day at Excel Saturday. Picked up a few bits:

Chain of Command rules

Masters in Miniature book

Redoubts three musketeers figures

Blue Moon swashbucklers

stone walls, wooden fences, gabions, wagons, barrels (ramage for Donnybrook)

Renedra desert building accessories

Dixons pirates

Agema Rep. Roman characters and command figures.

Gripping beast plastic Arabs.

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wow you must have had lots of spare cash :) now we expect it'll all be painted by a week next thursday at the latest ;) :P


gits, the lot of you :P

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The bits already painted will be I guess... Did you go? Bumped Ito Rew and his tribe, had a chat, he was on the lookout for terrain. Les: Adrian, Barry and Jerry all sent their regards.

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Following on from Nick's literary ode to the pleasures of Gripping Beast plastics, I have to admit to being a bit unimpressed with their offerings. Luckily I only bought the Arabs as conversion fodder, there's quite a lot of useful heads in there and I think most of the bits will get used in my 18th C. Ottomans project...

The Agema Romans however are hidden gems. Anyone wanting a Republican Roman army on a budget need not compromise on quality with these. They have also started to make a few packs of metal figures for additional command variants and "characters" (more variation in the Legions.) Really excellent little sculpts.

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