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Okay, having reread all that I can find discussing the battle, here is my take on Alexanders force. I think the only rational way to approach the Indians isnail down what we are going to field for the Macedonians and then scale it from there (a lot of them will be off table at the scale I am proposing.)

C.in C. Alexander (probably with the Companion Agema.)

Right wing cavalry under Hepaiston

1 unit Companion Agema

1 unit Hephaistons Companions

1 unit Perdikos Companions

1(?) unit Dahae horse archers

Left wing cavalry under Koenos

1 unit Demetrios Companions

1(?) unit Bactrian horse archers

Infantry main body under Selukos

3 units Hypaspists

3 units Macedonian Agema/Kleitos phalanx

3 or 4 units foot archers

2 units foot javelins (grianes and Thracians)

Late / Reserve foot (under ?)

3 units Koenos phalanx. (follow Alexanders force on table in D4 infantry movement cards)

Reinforcements under Melager (arrive on Indian left flank D4 turns after Macedonian foot are engaged.)

3 units Attalos phalanx

3 units Gorgias phalanx

3 units mercenary foot (pikes/ peltasts / hoplites / Iphicrateans?)

2 units mercenary horse (Greek cavalry / Thessalians)

Any thoughts at all from anyone? I suspect Alexander won't need any of the reinforcements (but this is Piquet!) My concept for the Hypaspists is that they are javelin armed (1 shot) as the foot seem to be described as shooting down the elephant crews.

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Thats about 750 men per unit ? Looks OK to me from the bits I've read. Very little we NEED to paint up, possibly a bit shy on Mac Cavalry ? Was it Kleitos in charge of at least part of the reserve ? Most of the accounts I've read imply that the 'phalanx' shot down the crews, could it be an early version of Alexander mixing the armament of the phalanx ? Or is it attached javelins ? Who knows. Doing the Hypaspists like that makes them different which is good. Probably need more Indian cavalry as I've only got two units.

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I will be painting a unit of Companions, which gives me 3. Nick has at least one unit or we can always draft in some of your Thessalians... I am intending to paint at least one unit of Indian cavalry.  We can get double duty out of our Indian cavalry if we have the right wing cavalry turn up when the left wing are all dead!

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If you are going to get some 1st Corps figures maybe we should combine our lists like we did with the Essex Ellie's to get best deal on postage? I think they are also a 10% discount for SOA members one too....

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Good plan. Assuming there is a game this Sunday, we can talk then.

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