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Wasn't there some sort of promise that KS backers would be able to pick up additional packs at the Kickstarter price?


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I can't remember, I'll have a look and see.

Is that it ?

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Just had a look at the 'Kickstarter' for this and found the following.......

Nicholas Wragg on June 2, 2014

Sorry at the moment I won't be adding to peoples orders as I want to fill all the orders as quickly as possible, as backers of the Kickstarter you will all be able to order further figures at the same reduced rate and this will apply to the Russian and Danish figures released later, I will also let backers order single figures if they contact me.

But I hope you all understand adding to the orders will slow down how quickly other people get their figures.

Cheers Nick

So it would appear that you can order at a reduced rate.........Russians here we come !

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