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I have been giving some thought to amendments for Donnybrook for use in Late Victorian games. Some initial ideas:

No close order formation, all units loose order (within 2" of others in unit.)

Most   professional soldiers using magazine fed rifles so never out of ammo. Exception of British regulars after using "mad minute" fire double dice.

British sergeants with unit allow mad minute fire and allow marksmen to get +1 on normal fire.

British colour sergeant substitutes for one elite sergeant.  Same bonuses as sergeant and +1 in close combat for unit he is with.

German sergeants with unit add +1  to close combat

German Feldwebel substitutes for one elite sergeant. Same bonuses as sergeant and unit he is with can give covering fire to another that is charging.

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These would be an ideal unit for nationalist volunteers, either as their own faction or as a unit in the German Empire faction.

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I had a crack at some unit cards for Donnybrook 1895 (it should perhaps be Der Donnybrook 1895...)  Basis British and German units as well as Sergeants, Corporals, senior NCOs and Officers.

Link to cards here

I have tried to give the two armies some interesting differentiation without breaking the game. My knowledge of the period tactics is a bit sketchy I have to admit. I have included the WW1 (mythical) Mad Minute fire for the British regulars which is perhaps anachronistic but it sort of suits the colonial style of the British Army of the period. The Germans were very much into their fire and movement tactics ( a newish MO) so that is what I have tried to encourage with the Prussian Discipline schtick.

My fear of how bloody the games could be with no reload card (except if you have blasted away all your ammo using Mad Minute fire)  led me to include the (wiley) corporal card. His superior fieldcraft (an old india hand maybe) allows the unit to ignore a casualty but hunkers down for a turn. The effect will be I hope that a veteran squad will move more slowly overall because they are using every fold in the terrain following the example of the Corp.

I am now putting together some ideas for irregulars and civilians that will hopefully keep games towards "The  Boys Own" end of the spectrum rather than the horrible modern terror and reprisal end.

Happy to get any comments or feedback of course...

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