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The events run by Barry Hilton and his cronies are coming to somewhere closer than Scotland next year, Derby. I am pretty sure I will sign up for the October game.


I have started saving. If anyone wants a copy of the booking form...

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Download a copy of the booking form on the League of Augsburg page on this site. http://wargamewarrior.webs.com/leagueofaugsburg.htm


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From League of Augsburg site:



Having confirmed the 'reserved attendees' for our Derby Weekender 3/5th October 2014 - we have 2 final places available.


For those of you that have not been to one of these super gaming, fun packed, food and drink inspired, gaming spectacular weekends (and for those of you that have...) - we have an extra piece of entertainment for you this time. A couple of the guys are running a 'MILITARY/HISTORY PUB QUIZ' on the Saturday night... We will have prizes from Warfare Miniatures & Adrian's Walls up for grabs - promies to be a fun end to our first day of gaming!


If you are interested in either of these last 2 places - drop me a line.







(I am going.)

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I have just promised a place in my car for the October 2015 game at Derby (Waterloo!) One place left  (or do we need that for snacks Les?)

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Not taking any figures with us, so can't we use some of the boot space ? Wont need many clothes, only going for the weekend so still leaves at least a days wear in the underpants. :D

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