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The current leaders are Chalons or Maldon. One smart suggestion that may be taken up is to decide on the next 2 Battle Days to give a longer run up to them.

If we are looking at something outside of our usual areas of interest I would suggest we do a Theatre of War mini campaign for it to show off how the system works. The battle could be kept smallish and the effort going into big mapboards, counters and the like. Chalons we might be able to field in 15s (Les?) and as has been mentioned Nick loves the dark ages and would be happy to paint up all the figures for Maldon. :D;)

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count me out for chalons but have an interest in Maldon. The idea of a mini campaign was something that I was also going to broach. Recently attended a lecture at Maldon Military Museum at which two speakers proposed a different site for the battle. They identified the Heybridge basin & its causeway leading (past Tescos) into Maldon.They also considered that Jomsvikings were present in the Viking army on the right wing.. I have got quite a lot of Vikings but they are pretty much true 25mm so will not mix well with recent figures - perhaps they would make a useful Saxon Fyrd with Brytnoth & his retainers being in 28mm figures & of course the Vikings in 28mm also. Also have a Viking ship kit to assemble if needed for colour.

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Assuming it's the one in 451AD, it is certainly possible, could definitely do the western Romans at one unit equals 1000 men, might be shy on the Hunnic front, depends on the exact make up of the army we use, Gepids and other subjects are a bit short on the ground.  Might even get me to paint my Visigoth figures and a few more Romans.  Would need to do a bit of re-basing as on the old 7th edition bases for wedges etc.

How big was Maldon, from memory not huge, so wouldn't mind getting a few Vikings or such like.

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