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Nick Emailed:

Main problem I foresee with using existing troops is that Montaperti is 1260 & my existing figures are used to represent (sort of) armies from 1415 to about 1460. Montaperti should have no real plate armour & troops should have no kite shields.





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There are several approaches to this one:



1. Not be too concerned about the period specifics of the figures we use* (we had a lot of 15th C. stuff at Poitiers.) Les has a fair few painted crossbowmen that will work and I was intending to paint up my early crusades army. Only a few of the command bases might be nice to have in strictly period armour.


(*would fighting this battle totally out of period be too mind blowing?)



2. We have a look again at a 15mm game. The figures we already have painted would probably pass muster as 13th C. (my 15mm medievals are already painted in heraldry from Montaperti.) Can’t say I am too thrilled at the prospect of painting more 15mm stuff but at least it is quite quick.



3. We think of a different approach (we are getting a reputation after the Arab battle and the Theatre of War campaign last year.) 6mm blocks of figures on realistic terrain? Wooden blocks with portraits of the troop types they represent?



4. We blow it out altogether.



I don’t mind what approach we take as long as we make a decision very soon.



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Les Replied:


Whatever we do, it would seem to fall to us. No word from Basildon which is to be expected.


Would agree with comments RE H&R (if only Adler or Baccus did some) and 10mm. Not sure on 2mm but they sure could produce a show. I would prefer either 15 or 28, although 28 is limited in choice - Mirliton mainly - and would require an enormous amount of work. 15's would also need work but if the existing figures could be used (Only remember the longbows in mine so not sure on what is useful) it would be reduced.


Scenery shouldn't be a problem if we plan early enough - boards purpose made with poly foam are relatively simple to do, only the texturing takes time and skill (buggered there then ! ). I can get a truck to transport so size not a major issue and it's something that the Basildonians can assist in.


In 6mm isn't a medieval Xbow a medieval Xbow rather than a 13th C Xbow ? I'll see what the others do for meds, most do WOR or 100yw I think.


BtLB is good for me, just need to organise sides, do on day or before ?


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We already have the core of 2(+) 15mm armies. For 6mm H&R are not on my agenda as I do not do individual basing of 6mm figures. Irregular would be my first port of call. 10mm seems to me to have all the disadvantages of larger scales (period specific, too much detail so requires a considered/timeconsuming paintjob) without any of the impact of 25mm figures.


My suggestions were just a few ideas of how we might approach doing something different; I haven’t heard any other suggestions yet.



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