Society of Ancients Battle Day Society of Ancients Battle Day 2007 Cynoscephelae Macedonia vs. Rome; history was turned on its head in our Piquet game. The Macedonian phalanx crushed the Roman legion to its front before help could arrive on the flank. This was one of two phalanxes of pikemen, each 144 figures strong in 25mm. 153478125 2008 Poitier Nick (who owns and painted around 2/3 of the figures used in this game) peruses the rules "Band of Brothers" a Piquet period supplement. 153479038 2008 Poitier The English battle line at the top of the hill. 133689817 2008 Poitier Looking along the English line. The archers formed up in distinctive herse formation which allows them to enfilade their targets as they approach. 133689818 2008 Poitier The first French attack by just 2 units of mounted knights charged up the hill throught the rain of longbow arrows and arrived at the hedge without too many casualties. ne group of French knights even braved the point-blank arrow storm to cut their way into the English line putting some of the footmen to flight before the Black Prince brought up the few reserves available and steadied the English line. 153479163 2008 Poitier The second French attack by just a part of the army greatly outnumbered the entire English army but had to climb a steep hill and fight their way through a stoutly defended hedgeline. 153479535 2008 Poitier The second French battle attacks, crossbowmen with their colourful pavises to the fore. 133689819 2008 Poitier The French knights must advance on foot up the hill as their horses are too easy a taget for the English bowmen. 133689820 2008 Poitier The crossbowmen with their brightly painted pavises caused some damage to the longbowmen on the English right flank but The Black Prince was in the thick of the action steadying morale and leading the decisive counterattack. 153479945 2009 Callinicum Arab cavalry from Perry Miniatures stood in for their ancesters. Only the cavalry battle between the largely Arab forces were represented in our game. Eight units of cavalry were raised and painted for the occasion. 153480391 2009 Callinicum A Byzantine messenger gallups up to King Arethas. Maybe he is delivering a plea for help from his master Belisarius... 153480392 2009 Callinicum KIng Arethas displays his Christian and Byzantine loyalties quite clearly on his battle standard. 153480393 2010 Zama Zama, the final act of the Second Punic War. Hannibal vs Scipio. For this Piquet game we had four large collections of figures to pick from. 133706044