Seven Years War Seven Years War Austro-Hungarian Grenadiers The combined elite companies of foot regiments, used as an assault force or a battlefield reserve. They wear their distinctive bearskin hats and warlike moustaches! 134513989 Swiss Regiment of the French Army The Swiss provided regiments of foot for over two hundred years who served the French king loyally. 133797763 Militia Eagle Figures sculpted by the talented Ian Mountain. These figures with a variety of civilian coats and jackets are perfect for ad hoc militia or armed civilians. 147986900 Austro-Hungarian Grenadiers and Grenzers The grenadiers supported by 6lber guns (Foundry) and Grenzers. The light infantry have their own miniature battalion gun (gun converted from RSM 4lber crew from Eagle and Front Rank Grenzers.) 147861338 Lobosch Hill The hillside is occupied by many Croats (Grenzers) with their dinky 1lber artillery. Four regiments of Austrian and Hungarian infantry are in support as well as massed grenadiers detatched from their regiments. 155829312 Cavalry in the Plain A small brigade of cavalry prepare to dispute the plain. 155829313 Prussia's Glory! The Prussian infantry march smartly out of the valley watched by Frederick the Great. 155829415 Austrian cavalry is waiting in the plain to their right. Is this a trap? 155829416 Grenzers swarm in the hills to their flank. 155829417 155829419 155829420 The Prussians The Prussians disgorge from the valley in their company columns to find batteries of Austrian (and Belgian) artillery ranged on them. Their own outmatched guns seeks the high ground on their right. 155829421 The Battlefield The dominating Lobosch Hill in the foreground with its rocky peak and vinyard slopes. The marshy stream in the distance on which rests the Austrian left. 155829422 Prussians Advance in Company Columns Prussian infantry show their disdain for the Austrians not slowing to deploy from their company columns. 155829424 Artillery Carnage The Austrian artillery rips lanes through the close-packed Prussian infantry. 155829425 Infantry Assault The Prussian Musketeers and Grenadiers charge the guns at bayonet point. To the left, Austrian Infantry Regiment Pallavinvci stands firm with their yellow Imperial standard above them. They go on to break one regiment with measured volleys and throw back the Prussian Grenadiers. 155829426 Attack Stalled The Prussians have taken the guns but now stand halted before the village of Lobositz whilst the Austrians counter attack. Grenzers swarm across the hillside on the flank and the Prussians have to send a regiment of Cuirassiers to hold them off. 155829427 Cavalry Triumphant The fast moving Prussian hussars encircle the last whole cavalry on the Austrian left. The Austrian horse grenadiers fight well but soon follow their colleagues in routing off the table. 155829428 155829429 Cuirassier Frustration Part of the reserve brigade of Cuirassiers is hurled towards the flanking Grenzers who retreat into the safety of the vinyards on the slopes of the hillside. When they a[pproach too closely the tiny battalion guns empty a few saddles and the Prussian horsement withdraw frustrated. 155829431 155829432 Victory! Infantry Regiment Pallavinci have retaken one battery of guns after a long hard fight and charged into the flank of the elite Grenadiers, putting them to flight. These aren't the Austrians that Prussia is used to brushing aside. The rest of the Prussian foot start to nervously look to their rear. 155829430