Battle Day - Zama Battle Day - Zama Some Romans (Numidians really) The inside of the Roman right wing, composed of Numidian allies 134624117 More Romans The rest of the Roman right wing, also of Numidians. The previous photo shows the troops directly to the right. 134624118 Romans....... A wider view of the right wing showing part of a Legion on the right of the photo. 134624119 Yet more Romans The left of the Roman centre, the left wing troops are just on the right of the photo. The Carthaginian line of Elephants is visible at the bottom, with Scipio and Hannibal having a cuppa left centre. 134624120 Carthaginians The Carthaginian left wing, also Numidians. 134624121 More Carthaginians The Carthage left centre showing the three lines of troops behind the Elephants, Mercenaries, Levies and Veterans. 134624122 And again......... The Carthage right centre, again showing the three lines. 134624123 The battle. Overall view of the battlefield, Carthaginians to the left, Romans to the right. 134624124 Elephants Everybody's favourite. Carthaginian elephants, lots of them in extended line ready to stomp the Romans (they did as well !) 134624125 Carthaginian Starting Position Elephants followed by mercenary light infantry and Celts. Next the Punic levies and then a gap before Hannibals fearsome veterans. 153309450 Roman Centre With the opposing Commanders parleying in the foreground, this picture shows the unorthodox formation adopted by the Romans, leaving "lanes" for the elephants charge down (and they did!) 153309451 Elephants Another view of the front line of elephants. The stand of infantry in the line represents elepahnt escorts of some kind (we ran out of elephants!). 153309452 Numidians The Numidians under their king Masinissa, allied to the Romans. Outnumbering the loyal Numidians 2 to 1 (not even including their infantry) this wing of the battle became the decisive one in the Carthaginians' victory (in our refight.) Scipio, sensing looming disaster, ordered the Numidians to abandon their traditional tactics and to charge into hand to hand combat with the outnumbered enemy. Every attack was flung back with losses and their crumbling flanks forced the Romans to retreat before they even managed to get to grips with Hannibal's veterans. 153309453