Napoleonic Wars Napoleonic Wars French Skirmishers These are French Voltiguers (light company infantry) based individually to show unusually large numbers of skirmishers on the tabletop or detatched companies of riflemen. The figures are Victrix plastic 30mm with heads replaced by converted Perry Hussar spares. 147986658 Austrian Jager Specialist riflemen recruited to combat French dominance in sklirmish tactics. These formations took a while to be accepted by the Austro-Hungarian military and were sometimes short-lived as a consequence. Figures are from Alban Miniatures (ex The Assault Group) by Richard Ansell aka "Woody". 147986771 French Cuirassiers French armoured cavalry with back and breast plates were true battlefield cavalry, with no other purpose than to smash enemy formations. These are Perry Miniatures plastic figures. 147986787 French Blockhouse 164944642 French Blockhouse 164944643 French Blockhouse 164944644 Sloop at Brest 164944645