Salute 2012 Salute 2012 Kindred Armoured Car WIP 153018991 Russian Dwarf with anti-tank rifle This is my conversion of a Grenadier fantasy Dwarf with a BIG crossbow. Added a furry hat and a greatcoat to cover his chainmail. 153654452 Kindred Armoured Car Model by Ironclad who make a great range of steam powered armour. This is a quite small steam powered vehicle but quite large for halflings! 156385623 Kindred Spotter Halfling spotter communicates with crew of vehicle using tin can on a string telephone. Needed to remodel the right arm of this Kindred figure which was a bit nerve-wracking as these castings are just so perfect. I don't think I have made too much of a hash of it... 156385624 Kindred Armoured Car This model was painted up for the Frothers UK game at Salute 2012. Kindred and Dwarfs versus Germanic Goblins. 156330666 Kindred Armoured Car Green roundel copied from another Kindred tank (represents the classic hobbit-hole.) I wanted to put a gold ring in the middle but don't have the brush skills. 156385625 Kindred Armoured Car Armoured car nicknamed Galadriel - cheeky hobbits! 156385626 Kindred Armoured Car 156385627 Kindred Armoured Car 156385628 In Action! On Akky's glorious WW1 trench scenery; the halflings acquitted themselves well although the armoured car tended to attract enemy fire. 188927821 Nightmare on Froth Street This game was designed and created by Reverend Nice (Simon). Many Frothers loaned figures for the monsters and heroic adventurers. Indentured slaves like me printed off and mounted the marvelous 2D gothic buildings created by the Rev. 188927820