World War 2 in 6mm World War 2 in 6mm my trucks and 4 jagdpanthers tried different primer here grey was used and it smelt bad! 166243940 jims 4 brummbar and 3 hetzer tanks mr jim did some tank painting on these little uns 166243941 Primed Panzer IV lotso primed grey tanks jim sprayed. again smelly grey primer. 166243942 SS Tiger and a battery of 105mm artillery jims done some camo on the artillery and sprayed the tigers ss stylee. jim says martin wittman is skulking in one of these. 166243943 Unmounted artillery bases and panthers my Panther tanks using white primer and colours that almost match the ss camo, jim has made some unmounted bases with a crater and two more mounts for the artillery. 166243944 Jagd panthers my earlier yagd panthers with a grey primer erm not sure if i like these but still close to the colours of the ss camo. 166243945 bunkers and some trucks. jims bunkers and trucks in camo. is there anything we wont paint in camo? 166243946 some assorted efforts of me and jim these are my first attempt at painting and there are some of jims there too. didnt want to put this one on, but he made me. hopefully theres an improvement in the later tanks we did!! 166243947