Late 17th Century Games Late 17th Century Games August 2013 The French brigade led by the Swiss Regiment Morier advances into the teeth of the English line. 183387271 August 2013 The second French brigade advances in echelon to support their comrades. I must stress that this "clever" formation was due to the their brigadier not managing to give orders at the same rate as his more skilled neighbour! 183387269 August 2013 The Jacobite brigade straggles its way towards the waiting Dutch. They were not in any sort of hurry to tangle with 2 guard battalions and an elite regiment. 183387847 August 2013 The English lines with a small brigade of Dutch Guards on their left. 183387629 August 2013 The Dutch brigade. 183387632 August 2013 Regiment Nassau Friesland at the far left of the Allied line. 183387627 August 2013 183387630 August 2013 A squadron of Tyrconnels Horse support dismounted dragoons guarding the boggy ground. Elite Williamite cavalry sweep helpfully by on the other side of the morass leaving this weak flank unmolested. 183388109