India 18th Century Games India 18th Century Games On a bleak Indian plain... French and British armies clash. Each force has a minority of European soldiers supported by natives raised and trained in the European manner. The majority part of each army is composed of Indian allies and their more or less relaible mercenaries and feudal subjects. 184819239 The French Left Native Allied cavalry. These and their British counterparts started the game out of command and with poorly rated generals, to simulate the lack of aggression shown by Indian armies of the period 184819238 The French Centre Anchoring the centre of the line a motley collection of artillery, including: elephant and camel carried light guns, erratic rockets, giant Zam Zama ("Thunderers") and French 12 lbers. 184819033 The French Left Serried ranks of French Foot companies with sepoys in close support. They have locally raised horse on their flank and the dubious assistance of elephant borne artillery on their right. This is the best led and most competant part of the army and would face the main British assault. 184819034 The British Right With superior numbers of European infantry present and all of them seemingly invincible (graded Elite) the British unsurprisingly lined them up to be their main attack force. Their locally raised sepoys were placed in the front rank to absorb the enemy's initial volleys and artilery fire. 184819035 The British Centre The British copied their adversary's deployment, placing all their guns in the centre of the line but pressing forward aggressively with the European guns. 184819236 The British Left Under the gaze of their devious native prince, the Allied cavalry took their time to get organised before heading towards the enemy horse. This delay was a two-edged sword; they were able to manouvre together but the time taken caused them to bear the brunt of the "friendly" rocket fire stationed in their rear. 184819237 184819240 Ally of the French Has snuck away! The French could place little confidence in the wiley Maharaja who declares for them one day and against them the next. 184819241 General M. Les With Gallic imperturbability the French general spares a glance towards the flank where his unreliable Indian ally is situated. 184819242 Native Rabble The British too were supported by a fair-weather Indian ally, who had brought all manner of troops including elephants, camels, mercenary matchlockmen, peasant levy and armoured lancers. 184819243 The British Massed behind their Sepoys (natives trained in the European way of fighting) the British companies of Foot prepare to take the fight to the enemy. 184819244 Attack! The British Brigade is stung into attacking alone after being raked by French and native guns. 184819245 Into the Teeth of the Guns The professional French artillery with some assistance from their Indian colleagues continue to chip away at the advancing lines until the British guns are brought forward to silence them. 184819246 Like a Wall The thin French line (a scarlet coated Irish regiment to the left) hold their fire until the first companies of British are at point blank range. 184819247 Firefight The British Sepoys and French foot traded destructive volleys and the French, along with their general, were eventually driven from the field. However helped by an Indian cavalry charge, they did enough damage to the British attack that the survivors were unable to push on against the unbroken line of French Sepoys that were revealed behind them. 184819248