Indians Indians Cavalry Both units of cavalry 192575151 Infantry 3 of the 12 units of cavalry 192575152 Infantry Close up of one element of an infantry unit 192575153 Infantry Closer view of the infantry 192575154 Cavalry Closer view of the cavalry 192575155 Infantry Another view of the infantry 192575156 Chariots An overall view of the nightmare that are the chariots, have to be assembled, each with 6 crew, 192575157 Chariots Another view of the chariots, I will have to fabricate some kind of yoke across the 4 horses for the shaft of the chariots to be connected with, probably with fuse wire. 192575158 Chariots View of the chariot of Porus, King of all he surveyed. When I construct these, I may try to simulate the reins with cotton. 192575159 Elephant Escorts Two of these bases are used with two elephant models to represent a unit of elephants in Piquet-Archon. 199944743 Elephant Escorts Banners These banners are paper with PVA glue to hold the folded shape. The designs were found online searching for "Indian Banners". These I assume, are intended as website graphics but with some chopping around make nice colourful flags with ancient looking wheel of life symbols. 199944744 Indian Medium Cavalry Indian cavalry seem to have been outnumbered and inferior to their Macedonian opponents at the battle of the Hydaspes. They do not seem to have been armoured to any extent but neither were they accomplished at light cavalry skirkish style fighting. 199944746 Indian Cavalry There wasn't a huge choice available in 25mm figures and the 1st Corps ones looked the nicest. I did add some Essex Miniatures ones to these units just for the variety. They were mounted on extra 1st Corps horses which required a bit of surgery and filing; the Essex riders come with the saddle cloth attached. 199944745 Cavalry Shields My first port of call for information about the Indians at the Hydaspes was the venerable "Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars" by Duncan Head. This revealed that the information available on shield designs was somewhere between sketchy and non-existent. I was unconvinced by the standard solution of cow hide patterns. In India? Really? A brief bit of research turned up illustrations of Mauryan Indian symbols from punch marked coins. As I had several dozen shields to add designs to I made up a sheet of transfers of some of the more interesting ones. 199944747 Statue of Hercules One of the accounts of the battle of the Hydaspes has the Indian army being preceded by a statue of Hercules that they carry to the battlefield. 199944748 199944749