Hussites Hussites Hussite Wagon Fortress The "Wagenburg" was s sophisticated defence against heavily armoured knights. The wagons were large and solid with additional protection along the sides and loopholes to shoot crossbows and handguns through. Spiked cheval de frise and chains were used to link together the wagons into an impenetrable prefabricated castle. 198685019 Gun Wagons Some of the wagons had small cannons mounted in them. These early pieces of gunpowder artillery would have produced as much smoke and noise as deadly projectiles, but these all deterred the enemy from trying to break in. 198685016 Taborites Wait in Ambush The Taborites were the extreme militant part of the Hussite protestant movement. In Piquet terms they are lightly armoured fanatical peasants with a bonus to morale and an ability to automatically rally. 198685017 Gun Pallisades Part of the wagenburg defences are the gun pallisades. Only light guns mounted on these wooden walls but they are easily moved by the defenders to allow a surprise sally out of the wagenburg. Here Hussite cavalry lurk just behind them waiting for an opportunity to present itself. 198685010 Crusaders The Imperial crusader army deploys to crush the upstart Hussites. Most of the heavily armoured knights have left their horses in the rear as inneffective against the wagenburg. 198685014 Crusader Knights The remaining mounted knights headed in a column towards the exposed Hussites outside of the defences. This subtle manoeuvre was scuppered as the Imperial army drew an Undisciplined Advance card and the knights shoved their way through the carefully deployed infantry to try to attack the wagons. 198685013 Crusaders Advance Some Hussite cavalry with crossbows attempted to slow the crusader advance but suffered badly at the hands of the Imperialist foot with their own crossbows. 198685011 Inside the Wagenburg The defenders scramble to man the defences as the first Imperialist attack is launched. 198685015 Taborite Ambush The Imperial army dithers in the plain for too long and the Taborites charge from their position hidden in the trees. The fanatical peasants slam into the flank of the enemy and threaten to roll up the entire army. 198685018 Reinforcements A second heavily armoured column of Imperial soldiers sweeps in from another direction. The Hussites are now surrounded and the resistance will be fierce. 198685012 Surrounded The Hussite army is surrounded and preparing to sell their lives dearly. It is only a matter of time before the better armoured Imperial knights will break into the wagenburg, but will the Taborites have caused broken the crusaders' morale before that happens? 198685020