Bactrian Greeks Bactrian Greeks Reinforcements for the Bactrian Greek Army Well on the way to getting this army on the table now... 203023013 A mix of figures The light bowmen at the front are Corvus and Newline miniatures. The theurophoroi in the middle are converted Victrix hoplites and the cavalry are 1st Corps. 203023015 The Army The evidence from archaeology, coins and carvings shows us that there were cavalry of this type and at least some soldiers using theuros type shields (big oval shaped ones perhaps adopted from the Celts.) My take is that these are most likely mercenaries who have made their way east or been recruited specifically to serve the Bactrian King. 203023016 Iranian Lancers The 1st Corps figure are specifically supposed to represent Bactrian Greeks and are quite unusual for Successor cavalry with their eastern trousers and bowcases. The bossman and bugler were given combined spear and bow cases. I enjoyed decorating the bowcases with some old Revo transfers of various Greek symbols. 203023017 Cretan Archers The Cretan archer figures have always been a favourite of mine, looking very purposeful advancing with sword and bucklers. I added sword and shields to some of the other figures, as the willingness to get "stuck in" seems to have been a defining characteristic of these mercenaries. 203023236 203026671 Reinforcements A mixed group of units in the latest tranche to be painted. A unit of pikes to add to my old Corvus Miniatures veterans. The senior cavalry regiment for the army - the Agema. Also another unit of armoured Theurophoroi. 203655667 Agema Lancers These are Essex Miniatures with a couple of head conversions. This allowed two of the Persian cavalry figures to mix in more easily with the guard cavalry figures. I also added some trousers to easternise their look. One cavalryman was given a trumpet (from a Victrix plastic sprue) and another adapted to carry a standard. 203655663 Agema Lancers The Essex range is still very nicely sculpted (possibly by the same sculptor as the Corvus / Sussex Miniatures range - now defunct.) Only drawback being just the one variant per troop type. 203655664 203655665 Bactrian Sarissas The solitary Essex 25mm Bactrian Greek pikeman is a little gem. The figure has a lovely elegant later Hellenistic helmet (A development of the Beoetian type frequently shown on coins.) The figure has a moulded on shield which saves me the bother of gluing one on. I used an old pack of Foundry decals for the Macedonian royal starbursts. The background film had yellowed slightly over the years so I painted the base colour of the shields to match. 203655666 Red Theurophoroi This unit of mercenary Theurophoroi are based on hoplites from Victrix. The round aspis shield is replaced by Crusader Miniatures shields and wire spears were used. Rather than the cavalry style Beoetian helmets that came on the sprue, I used some nice Agema Miniatures hellenistic heads from their Carthaginian pack (metal ones.) A couple of heads came from the Victrix sprue and a couple from the old Wargame Factory Numidian infantry box. 203655668