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The League of Augsburg or War of the Grand Alliance

The League of Augsburg was the alliance of nations that formed to oppose the Sun King, Louix XIV of France,at the end of the 17th Century. Also known as the Nine Years War or The War of Two Kings (refering to events in Ireland.) This is a facinating period where the old tactics of pike and shot were transforming into the linear warfare that would be dominated by the musket firing infantry and artillery for over a century.

Barry Hilton's League of Augsburg website has a cornucopia of inspiring photos and a very knowledgable forum. Website

Dutch Regiment Nassau/Oranje (Friesland)
25mm Foundry and Dixon Miniatures based for Piquet: Cartouche or Beneath the Lily Banners rulesets.

The Armies So Far...

Painted Figures 1.

Here is a page with the initial batch of units Adam has painted up for this period, hopefully updates new figures will appear here when this project gets more attention.

Game Report 1.

After action report of a game of "Beneath the Lily Banners" using what we had initially painted (click here ). Although this was an enjoyable game which could have gone either way until the last throw of the dice, there were some aspects of the rules we found unconvincing. Maybe version 2 of the rules (out now) will be more to our tastes. If not we will probably stick with Piquet for this period.

 Painted figures 2.

Here is a second batch of regiments painted up for the period.

League of Augsburg Derby Weekend (October 2012

This was a superbly well organised game on a very large table with hundreds of units of horse and foot being used. There are photos in the gallery Photos