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The Romans - End of Empire / Arthurian

This is a command stand for the only game I have yet played for the period. It was the Battle of Callinicum 531AD at  the Society of Ancients Battle Day. We decided to concentrate on the decisive flank of the battle where allied/subject Arab contingents fought on both sides. This is the Ghassanid Arab leader al-Harith (or Arethas) receiving orders from Belisarius, the Roman commander.

Ghassanid Arabs (and their Lakhmid opponents) are not widely available in 28mm scale, so our solution was to incorporate Middle Eastern cavalry figures from a variety of sources and adapt them to suit our own vision of these troops. Thats not a turban he's wering, it a "head-wrap."  We didn't get ejected from the event but it was a source of controversy!