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War of the League of Augsburg Armies


Inspired by Barry Hilton’s enthusiasm for this period of history (1685-1700ish) and the great photographs of the figures on his website www.leagueofaugsburg.com and in wargames magazines, some armies have started to take shape. Here are Adam's first attempts.


A Dutch regiment, these infantry are considered to have guard status. The Friesland Regiment was my first attempt at painting some Nine Years War figures. Also my first try at painting a cloth flag. These are predominantly Foundry miniatures (with one Dixon interloper.) Click here for a larger picture.



 This little squadron (6 figures) is based on the English Royal Life Guards (The Blues) but I kept the standard vague enough that they can stand in for any blue coated horsemen. These figures are a mixture of Essex Miniatures mixed in with some converted Corvus Miniatures (OOP) ECW cavalry. A second squadron in hats will bring these up to strength for rulesets where 4 bases is the norm for a unit. Click here for more pictures. The full regiment is here.


Poorly armed and partly uniformed Irish militia are a colouful element of the Irish theatre of the Nine Years War/LoA. These Reiver figures were an eBay bargain and required just a few spots of paint and rebasing. The colours I painted for these units are hypothetical, but based on a medieval Dublin seal showing the walled town with beacons burning and the ancient triple crown symbol of Munster.Click here for more pictures.


The second squadron of cavalry are based on a Dutch regiment, Athlone. The colours I made a bit ragged but are based on the design from the Mark Allen article in Wargames Illustrated.More pictures click here. For the full regiment click here.