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War of the League of Augsburg Armies - Page 2

More units from my (Adam's) slowly accumulating collection. There isn't a great master plan at work here. As miniatures catch my eye or a uniform takes my fancy, a new unit moves into the painting queue. There is some attempt to balance the  available forces so that we can play interesting battles, but one of the joys of the period is that there is a lot less uniformity within armies. If you are prepared to overlook a specific flag then most uniform combinations can be fielded in any army. 



My first unit of Warfare Miniatures cavalry figures. I chose a mixture of standard cavalry troopers and "enthusiastic cavalry troopers" (they are posed more energetically and their uniforms are incomplete or awry.) Perfect for a Jacobite regiment. This is my take on Tyrconnell's Regimant. Larger pictures here.



  One of Louis XIVs fine regiments of foot. These are Walloons of Regiment Miromesnil. These are mainly Dixon figures with a few Foundy officers. I think I was mainly attracted by the flag... (Click here for a larger picture.)



Now some Swiss in French service. I rescued these figures from Ebay; they had been painted as a Russian battalion for the Great Northern War. I looked through the options for green coated regiments (surprisingly few) and chose Regiment Polier as their new identity. A few additional musketeers and command figures were painted, as well as the new flags, to complete the  conversion. Larger picture here.


The remainder of the ex-Russian figures. The whole subject of green coats started a right rumpus on the League of Augsburg forums but I decided not to be drawn into the controversy and went with a regiment of dragoons on dismounted service. Or maybe their horses have perished from glanders. These are mainly Foundry figures. (Click here for a larger picture.)