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The Macedonian and Punic Wars

The era following the death of Aleander the Great was a tumultuous period with great feats of arms, large and formidable armiesand  the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires. The games we playspan the  wars between the Greek city states and Alexander's conquest, all the way through to the Rise of Rome as the premier power in the Mediterranean and Near East.

There are a large number of books that will lead you through the history of this period. The popular Osprey softbacks are a cheap and well illustrated way to get a flavour of the battleas and armies involved in the manycampaigns. However one of the most useful and enduring books for wargames is Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars by Duncan Head. A slightly revised version is available through all the usual outlets.

Game Reports

These tend to get lost as the Blog gets updated, so I have summarised them here:

April 2013: Large Punic Wars Game (Ambush) click here

March 2014: A Pyrrhic Victory click here , maps

April 2014:  Large Punic Wars Game (Part 2:river crossing) click here

Archon Roster

As we are always looking for these (Piquet Archon 2 Army Roster blanks)

in the setup phase of organising a game, here is a link to a saved copy: click here

(Let me know any ideas on improvements)

Archon 2, Piquet supplement for ancient warfare is our most used set of rules for this period. It allows for a lot of subtle tailoring of armies and troop types within the armies, which suits well our opinionated characters...

Greek temple, one of the complex at Paestum in Italy.

Numidian Cavalry

The Numidian cavalry in Carthaginian armies were the epitome of skirmishing cavalry. These north Africans were born horsemen and quite literally ran rings around their opponents.

Carthaginian Infantry

A unit of Hannibals veteran infantry, equipped  with a mixture of Punic and Italian armour but still with their traditional round shields.