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The Victorian Period

The period covering the reign of the  British monarch Queen Victoria. Most of the 19th Century (the best bits anyway!) This is usually taken to include all the various colonial struggles around the world in the far flung parts of the British Empire (or those places soon to be a part of it!) It also includes those funny little wars that the Europeans indulged in during this period and the gunfights and Indian Wars that "Cousin Jonathan" was fighting in North America. For us it may well include pseudo-historical missions to Mars and other fantasy themes based in this era.

Inspiration for this part of history as far as gaming is concerned is very much of a "Boys Own" feel. Films such as "The Four Feathers", "The Man Who Would be King" and "Northwest Frontier" certainly set the tenor for the exotic locations and struggles against the odds. It was however a website from the early days of the Internet... ("Wake up Grandad!")  Ah yes, of course I am talking about the late lamented Major Tremorden Rederring's Colonial Era Wargames Page. An absolute classic, full of great ideas to borrow and good old-fashioned light hearted wargames fun to enjoy.

Although the site stopped being updated a decade ago and vanished into the ether a few years later, a good chunk of it is still accessible via the Wayback Machine (click on the link below.)


Well worth a browse. Some of the links and picture may be missing but there is still lots there to trawl through.

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